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Discraft - Pro Golf Discs

Our golf discs have been broken down into three categories:

The Elite Pro Line™ is our latest and best category of golf discs. We've improved the plastic to increase performance, slightly altered the flight plate to increase durability, and engineered the molds to improve on both distance and stability. These discs will cater to the player who seriously cares about taking strokes off their game.

The Tournament Pro Line™ is made with the high durability "Cyclone™ Plastic" that made us famous. All discs produced after the day Discraft revolutionized disc technology by releasing the Cyclone™ are included here.

The Competition Line™ refers to all of our discs that were/are produced in the older variety of plastic.


XL_PIClittle.jpg (2531 bytes)XL™ (165-174 grams / 21 cm.) We are very proud at last to introduce the XL, the farthest flying disc ever made. This disc holds an almost perfect line on big throws yet manages to be a very easy disc for beginners to control. This is the first disc ever made that everyone can reach their maximum distance with. WORLD DISTANCE RECORD thrown by Scott Stokely April 5th 1998 / 211.32meters, AKA 694 feet / 169 gram XL

X2lillte.jpg (2466 bytes)X2™ (165-175 grams / 21.1 cm.) The X2™ is the first entry into Discraft's new Elite Pro Line™. This driver is a moderately overstable flyer that is very easy to throw. The X2™ is made from new extra-high durability plastic that returns to form after impact. This disc has exceptional glide to give maximum distance to everyone especially when thrown low. It will not fall off hard at the end of its flight.


cyclonelittle.jpg (2685 bytes)CYCLONE™ (165-176 grams / 21.3 cm.) The Cyclone™ is the hottest selling disc on the market. This disc has already set three world distance records. Choose the disc that the pros use for maximum distance with pinpoint accuracy. There's simply no finer golf disc made today! (available in glow, 150c, and dyed)


cyclone2litle.jpg (2881 bytes)CYCLONE-2™ (165-176 grams / 21.3 cm.) The Cyclone-2™ is a more overstable version of our Cyclone™. If you need extra stability into the wind or because you throw very hard, this is the disc. This disc will take a high speed release and come back consistently. The big arms love this disc! (glow and 150c)


X-Clonelittle.jpg (2209 bytes)X-CLONE™ (165-176 grams / 21.4 cm.) The X-Clone™ is designed to handle the extra throwing power of the world's top pros and make it easy for players of all skill levels to get maximum distance in upwind drives. This amazing modified Cyclone™ is very fast and overstable and will get you near the pin when others can't! (glow, 150c, and dyed) One time world distance record thrown by Scott Stokely May '95 / 656 ft. 2" / 165 gram X-Clone™!

STRATUSlittle.jpg (2230 bytes)STRATUS™ (165-176 grams / 21.4 cm.) The Stratus™ is the latest driver in the "Tournament Pro Line™". This disc is slightly understable after release but soars once it gets flat. No disc made will fly farther for beginners or moderate range throwers. Pros agree, this is the perfect roller disc. (150c)


typhoonart.jpg (3941 bytes)TYPHOON™ (165-180 grams / 21.9cm) The Typhoon is a fast, overstable driver that loves to fly a long ways at a low height.  This new high performance disc is quite overstable and will handle windy conditions like a breeze.   Another amazing disc from the new driving force in disc technology...



MRX™ (165-180 grams / 21.8cm.) The MRX™ is our first mid-range disc in our Elite Pro Line™.  This super durable disc is overstable in any condition.  However it makes for a very consistent up-shot disc as it has a very predictable and dependable flight at any speed.  The MRX™ is finding its' way in to most serious pros' bags also as a driver on heyser holes too short to be thrown with a high speed, long range disc! 


cometlittle.jpg (2491 bytes)COMET™ (165-180 grams / 21.8 cm.) The Comet™ is a super strait flying mid to long range driver and approach disc.This disc is also perfect for those right turn (anhysers) holes (right handers). It will hold the line through the curve and get you in for the deuce. An exceptional disc for both beginners and pros! (glow and 150c)


HD HAWK™ (170-175 grams / 21.4 cm.) The HD Hawk™ is an excellent all purpose driver and approach disc. It is great for accurate drives especially on tight fairways. It is a straight flying disc that will hold its line on any turn. The "HD" version is made out of a softer more durable plastic!

VortexBlittle.jpg (2402 bytes)VORTEX™ (172-180 grams / 21.7 cm.) The new Vortex™ super stable driver is made from soft durable plastic similar to the Cyclone™. It is an excellent mid range driver into the wind or for those shots that need to come back hard left at the end of their flight! (right handers)





eclipselittle.jpg (3134 bytes)ECLIPSE™ (168-182 grams / 22cm.) The Eclipse™ is a low flying driver that is very easy to throw. This disc is a good choice for beginners and is one of the most popular discs ever. It is stable at low speeds and when new. When this disc is a little worn it becomes the perfect roller! (glow)


marauderlittle.jpg (2491 bytes)MARAUDER™ (168-182 grams / 22.3 cm.) The Marauder™ is a very stable long distance driver. It goes far and is extremely predictable. The Marauder™ is especially good in windy conditions. An excellent choice for both beginners and pros! (150c)



hawklittle.jpg (2180 bytes)HAWK™ (170-175 grams / 21.4 cm.) The hawk™ is an excellent all purpose driver and is a great disc for accurate drives, especially on tight fairways. It is a stable flying, easy to throw disc that will hold a line on straight shots or turns! Also available in "HD" version.


magnetlittle.jpg (2705 bytes)MAGNET™ (165-175 grams / 21.1 cm.) The Magnet™ is the perfect putter...not too hard, not too soft. It goes in and stays in. This disc is excellent in the wind and makes a superb mid range driver and approach disc. Make those twos...stick in the chains with the Discraft Magnet™! (glow and 150c)


deucelittle.jpg (2409 bytes)DEUCE™ (172-180 grams / 21.7 cm.) The Deuce™ is a great disc for beginners. This disc will fly straight at low speeds. It is also a good mid-range disc for shots you need to turn over and is an excellent short range roller!


™ (165 - 175 grams / 21 cm.) The APX™ Is our newest and best putter yet.  The special Elite™ plastic allows for a consistent release on crucial short range shots and putts.  This plastic provides a surface just tacky enough to grip the chains resulting in less "cut throughs".  Similar to a Magnet™, this disc holds its' line on all shots from 10 to 200 feet.


rattlerlittle.jpg (2841 bytes)RATTLER™ (165-175 grams / 21cm.) The Rattler™ is a super accurate putter-approach golf disc. It is a slow, non beveled, flat flying disc that will get you in close from up to 150'-200' and let you nail more of those 40'-80' monster putts. (150c)