Please note that this is a modified copy of the product contents on Inovias homepage. The reason for not linking directly to them is that their page is impossible to print and also very hard to read. I've also deleted a few entries - f.ex. the Ultimate discs, which are of no relevanc to me, and as this is my page, I decide which to keep :-)

Innova-Champion Golf Discs

Drivers | Mid-Range | Putt and Approach Discs

Type Size Max Weight Description

Mid-Range - Small Diameter (21.2 cm)

Aviar 21.2 175.96 A favorite of top professionals. Great upshot disc as well as a putter for windy conditions. Similar to the Aviar Putter but much more overstable.(legal to 175 grams)
Panther 21.2 175.96 The Panther is a small, fast driver that's easy to handle and easy to control over long distances. The extra high dome gives it extra carry for longer shots. (legal to 175 grams)
XD 21.2 175.96 Depend on the XD for long approaches and medium drives when you need a straight flight. (legal to 175 grams)

Mid-Range - Large Diameter (21.7 cm)

WOLF 21.7 180 New Mid Range Turnover Driver with the Thumtrac® design. Easy to throw with a controlled turn at high speeds and a slight return at low speeds.
HAMMER HEAD 21.7 180 New Mid Range Turnover Driver. Guaranteed unbreakable, floats in water and is only available at 180 grams.
ROC Standard 21.7 180.11 Easily the number one mid-range disc on tour. The Roc is the most stable of our mid-range discs and is a must for those who are serious about improving their game. (legal to 180 grams)
Shark 21.7 180.11 The best all around disc available today is Innova's Shark. The Shark is slightly less stable than the Roc giving you pinpoint accuracy on straight or curving shots. A must for beginners. (legal to 180 grams)
Cobra 21.7 180.11 The Cobra is very similar to the Shark in stabilty but with a lower profile. Superlong flights like a Stingray, plus a little added stability. It's beaded rim also gives you extra durability. (legal to 180 grams)
Stingray 21.7 180.11 One of the all-time classic drivers, the Stingray lets you throw farther than you thought possible. It's perfect for rollers, too - mile after mile. (legal to 180 grams)
Moray 21.6 179.28 The Moray has the look and feel of a Stingray but is a longer, straighter flying golf disc with lots of glide. (legal to 180 grams)
Dolphin 21.4 177.62 Floats in water! Comparable to the Shark in feel, but it's lighter weight dramatically reduces it's stability. (150 class only)

Putt & Approach Discs

Rhyno 21.2 175.96 The hot new disc for 1999 is this overstable disc that will perform well in all conditions. It takes off very quickly from release but dramatically loses its spin in flight, making it superior for upshots into a fast green. With the Thumtrac® rim design.
Aviar Putter 21.2 175.96 Stick it to the chains with the Innova Putter. The Aviar design makes it stable in the wind - soft Putter plastic makes it stay in the basket. The most popular putter on the planet! (legal to 175 grams)
Piranha 21.2 175.96 The Piranha is a breakthrough in putting technology. It's new Thumtrac® rim shape makes it easy to grip and easy to release, making it easy for you to lower your score. (legal to 175 grams)
Birdie 21.2 175.96 The Birdie Putter is the truest flying putter made today. Birdie putts hold the line and drop straight, so you're always close to the hole. (legal to 175 grams)
Pole Cat 21.3 176.79 The Polecat is a popular choice for long-range and short-range putting. It's easy to control and easy to throw, and it knows how to find the pole. (legal to 175 grams)
Aero 21.7 180.11 An old-time favorite that is perfect for those who like a larger diameter disc for putting. It is very accurate for all short range shots and makes an excellent first disc for beginners. (legal to 180 grams)

Drivers - Small Diameter (21.2 cm)

Puma 21.2 176 Controlled Very Straight Driver
Pegasus 21.1 175.13
Eagle 21.2 176 Controlled Ultra-Long Range Driver. Great speed, glide and control throughout the flight.
Teebird 21.2 176 Slightly more overstable partner to the Eagle
Whippet 21.2 175.96 Our most overstable driver available in this diameter. The Whippet can handle any wind conditions and is great for sidearm throws. However, it is not recommended for newer players. (legal to 175 grams)
Banshee 21.2 175.96 Long distance driver with added stability for any level of play. The Banshee quickly became the driver of choice for tour players. (legal to 175 grams)
Gazelle 21.2 175.96 Innova's Gazelle has already become the #1 driver of choice for most skill levels. It is a step below the Banshee in stability. (legal to 175 grams)
Cheetah 21.2 175.96 The Cheetah is superfast and goes a long, long way. It's easy to control and is very versatile - you'll be able to use it for all kinds of drives, including rollers. It is slightly less stable than the Gazelle, making it an excellent first choice for players learning to throw with power. (legal to 175 grams)

Drivers - Large Diameter (21.7 cm)

Ram 21.7 180.11
Viper 21.7 180.11 Nothing beats a Viper into a strong wind. It's got super speed and superior aerodynamic stability, making it the #1 choice for gusty days. (legal to 180 grams)
Raven 21.7 180.11 Great distance, great control. Slightly less stable than the Viper, the Raven provides extra carry for players of all skill levels. (legal to 180 grams)

Drivers - Oversized

Jaguar 24.1 200.03 The Jaguar is the perfect driver for new players needing extra distance. (legal to 200 grams)
Zephyr 24.1 200 This is the disc to use for the all-important short game. The Zephyr's unique rim design makes it the most controllable disc for any type of throw and any angle. (legal to 200 grams)
Scorpion 22.5 186.75 Slightly smaller than the Jaguar but very similar in stability. (legal to 186 grams)

Special Edition- SE discs made with a premium, ultra durable plastic that offers a unique grippy feel.

SE-Super Roc 21.7 180.11 Special Edition Super Roc molded with 'Enhanced Champion Plastic'
SE-Rhyno 21.7 180.11 Special Edition Soft Rhyno molded out of soft, grippy plastic with the Thumtrac® design.
SE- Leopard 21.7 180.11 The Leopard is a ultra long range driver that is comparable in stability to the Cheetah, only with more glide at the end of its flight. It is also an excellent first driver for beginners.

Disc-continued though still legal Discs

Lynx 24.1 200.03
Condor 24.1 200.03
Gopher 22.9 190.07
Phenix 23 190.9
Barracuda 22.5 186.75
Apple 26.4 200
Griffin 21.2 175.96
Ace 21.2 175.96
Coupe 21.2 175.96
Cobra Classic 21.7 180.11
ROC Classic 21.2 175.96 Similar to the XD in feel, but a larger bead on the rim makes it more durable and increases it's stability. (legal to 175 grams)
Hammer 21.7 180.11
Python 21.7 180.11