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Från:     Haidu Williems <wwiolin@yahoo.co.uk>
    Ämne:     Professional Puchner Jubilee Bassoon
    Datum:     sön 8 jan 2012 v1 19.24.39 CET
    Till:     chrisdav@canit.se

Professional Puchner Jubilee Bassoon
Comes with Puchner hard case , with puchner accessories.The instrument has been played professionally and it is Generally overhauled in 2009.This Bassoon is in used condition. It has been tested and all of the keys appear to be functioning properly.The instrument is situated in Norway, but the possibility of testing it in Germany is easy to arrange.I am asking $7,500. I do have photos upon request.Serial number 7x7x made in 1972`. Good Intonation, warm sound.Boot is engraved "Made in WEST Germany,Instrument has scratches,  dents and some plating wear on keys.

Professional, curly mountain maple in dark-red finish, silver-plated mechanism, waterproofed pads, automatic G ring key, high-D key, high-E key, E-F# trill, whisper-key mechanism operated on wing joint and self-acting from low-E key, whisper-key lock for left thumb, link between A and whisper key, B and Bb keys on long joint held in by individual brackets
Nine rollers – boot joint: one each on F key, F# key little finger, Ab key little finger and Bb key, two on low-E key, one on F# key for thumb – long joint: one each on C# key and D# key.The price is 7500 USD.

Thank you for reading my ad
Have a great day!

Shipping with UPC, paypal service .
Från:     Frank Wiermyhr <wiermyhr@online.no>
    Ämne:     Gebr. Moennig 214 Diamant fagott til salgs
    Datum:     lör 5 mar 2011 v9 17.56.15 CET
    Till:     Christian Davidsson <cd@bassoon.com>

Gebr. Moennig 214 Diamant Bassoon (2007), a perfect instrument in mint condition,
overhauled by Keith Bowen, great intonation and sound, half gold plated, long bell,
comes with one CC1 Heckel bocal. Price € 15000.
Best regards
Frank Wiermyhr
E-mail: wiermyhr@online.no
Från:     devilmorin.pierre <devilmorin.pierre@orange.fr>
    Ämne:     old bassoon for sale
    Datum:     mån 27 dec 2010 v52 20.27.57 CET
    Till:     Christian Davidsson <cd@bassoon.com>
    Svara till:     devilmorin.pierre <devilmorin.pierre@orange.fr>


romantique bassoon  from 1820 for sale

write if you know anyone interested to look or play please.

thanks, regards, Pierre
Från:     Barbara Bayless <bayless4381@comcast.net>
    Ämne:     Used Fox Bassoon
    Datum:     lör 4 dec 2010 v48 18.24.45 CET
    Till:     chrisdav@canit.se

I am looking for a good used Fox bassoon for a college student in Tucson, Arizona. If any one has any information on one, please e-mail me.

Thanks - Barbara Bayless
Från:     Michael Ward <mike.r.ward@gmail.com>
    Ämne:     Yamaha YFG-812 for sale
    Datum:     ons 1 sep 2010 v35 17.00.52 CEST
    Till:     chrisdav@canit.se

Beautiful YAMAHA YFG-812 bassoon for sale. Beautiful instrument with high C and high D keys. Many rollers. Very rich sound, and well balanced. I bought this instrument in 2005 but have hardly used it since I am no longer a musician. Asking $17,000 or best offer. My location is Toronto, Canada. 

Full specifications can be found at:


Please e-mail me at mike.r.ward@gmail.com if you have any questions.


Från:     Jane A. Cannon <jcannon@udel.edu>
    Ämne:     Heckel contra #670 for sale, lower price
    Datum:     ons 25 aug 2010 v34 1.18.06 CEST
    Till:     chrisdav@canit.se

Heckel contrabassoon #670 including 2 Heckel bocals 1 & 2, custom case. 
Price lowered to $32, 500.00.  Excellent characteristic Heckel sound.  Has a big sound.  Used in the Chicago, National, Montreal Symphonies and in many regional orchestras in the Delaware and Phila. area.  Retired from contra playing.  Appraised for $45,000.  Can be viewed at: www.jvcmedia.net/contra/

Jane Cannon
Newark, DE 19711
Phone: 302-453-1318


    Från:     Pierre de Vilmorin <devilmorin.pierre@orange.fr>
    Ämne:     antic bassoon from 1716 for sale
    Datum:     lör 3 jul 2010 v26 11.14.05 CEST
    Till:     . <cd@bassoon.com>
    Svara till:     devilmorin.pierre@orange.fr

Madame, Monsieur bonjour,

Rare bassoon from 1716 with leather case for sale,
payable in Paris, buy cash or by virment bank if stranger,
possibility to send by french post (3 weeks) or fedex (2 days).
fotos joint showed to your friends musicians or collectors at this link:

Versailles 78


    Från:     Justin Windschitl <jmwindschitl@gmail.com>
    Ämne:     Heckel Crest Bassoon For Sale
    Datum:     tors 25 mar 2010 v12 2.58.28 CET
    Till:     chrisdav@canit.se

For sale is a Heckel Crest bassoon, located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  This bassoon is one of the first Crests produced, and these original instruments were manufactured with the same rubber liners as found in custom Heckel bassoons.  The instrument has been played professionally in the Minnesota Orchestra, South Dakota Symphony, Eastern Philharmonic, and at a number of music festivals across the country.  The instrument is in excellent condition and has been meticulously maintained by the current owner.  The bassoon has excellent intonation and a very even scale, as well as the lively and resonant sound Heckels are known for.  Included with the bassoon is a Heckel C2 bocal, original case, and Altieri case cover.  The bassoon is available for trial through Midwest Musical Imports.  Please visit www.mmimports.com for more information or call (800) 926-5587 to arrange a trial.  The instrument is priced at $25,000 but is slightly negotiable.

    Från:     Kris R <krisg8r@tampabay.rr.com>
    Ämne:     NEW MAPLE BASSOON W/HIGH D $2750.00
    Datum:     mån 22 mar 2010 v12 18.42.28 CET
    Till:     chrisdav@canit.se
    Svara till:     krisg8r@tampabay.rr.com

New, maple bassoon in immaculate shape!  Heckel system with High D key, whisper key lock, and low E paddle rollers.  I purchased this with the intention of getting back into playing.  My career has taken a different turn and I am looking to sell her to someone who will appreciate her.  She is in perfect playing condition, and there is no needed maintenance - not even the pads.  The finish is pristine and the bassoon is new.  She is in excellent condition, plays great and has a nice, rich tone.  Please note that there is no mfg listed on the horn, and I have been unable to find a serial number on it.  (I've checked under the boot cap and everything for a serial number.  I was okay with purchasing without the mfg since a new horn from one of the big names would have been impossible for me to buy).  Includes 2 bocals, case and excellent canvas case cover with strap and zipper pouch, crutch, cleaning swab, cork grease, cleaning cloth, dust brush, seat strap and neck strap.  The case also contains humidity gauge.
Images are available at http://www.dubblereed.com/index.php?action=listingview&listingID=211
Shipping is via UPS Ground and is included in the purchase price if shipped within the continental US and delivery will require a signature.  Contact Kris at KrisG8r@tampabay.rr.com.


Från:     Catherine Jackson <cajackson86@btinternet.com>
    Ämne:     BBB ad
    Datum:     sön 21 mar 2010 v11 12.36.30 CET
    Till:     chrisdav@canit.se

Beautiful Puchner Jubilee Bassoon for Sale.

Lovely instrument. Has a beautiful, even tone which is slightly lighter than a lot of other Puchner Bassoons. This instrument has been played both professionally and in a music college environment.

The Jubilee model is Puchner's basic professional model. The only difference between it and the Model 23 is the missing Ab to Bb trill key - which I never needed when I played the instrument anyway!
(Instrument description on Puchner.com: http://www.puchner.com/en/fagotte/modell-jubilee.php)

Recently valued at £12,000.

For more information, photos etc, please e-mail me.

Cat Jackson


    Från:     Rebekah Heller <rebekahfawn@gmail.com>
    Ämne:     BBB ad
    Datum:     ons 10 mar 2010 v10 16.08.35 CET
    Till:     chrisdav@canit.se

Hi -

3 Bassoon Bocals for sale.

Heckel VCD 1 $450
--sweet, buttery sound - perfect for chamber music

Heckel prewar CC2 $600
--reconstructed tip - otherwise, very good prewar

Ben Bell 2 "prewar" style
--Bought from the principal bassoonist of one of the top five American Orchestras, this bocal was hand-picked by Ben Bell as a prototype of his "prewar" style bocals.
Sweet sound, even scale, works very well on all instruments I've tried it on.
You will not be disappointed.

Thank you,
Rebekah Heller
Rebekah Heller
international contemporary ensemble

    Från:     Andrew THWAITES <andrew.thwaites@nordnet.fr>
    Ämne:     Heckel for Sale
    Datum:     tis 16 feb 2010 v7 12.28.03 CET
    Till:     chrisdav@canit.se

I am selling an outstanding Heckel bassoon, 12000 series. Excellent condition, Extras; 3 Heckel bocals ( # 2 silver ), high D key & high E key, 100% nickel plating, fingers hole tubes, A flick key wisper bridge, 4 mm+ on the long joint, custom factory made right thumb whisper lock, left pinkey whisper key, stratgically placed rollers( not too many). Dennis Micheals, at the time first chair San Diego Symphiony said, "..it has the best low D I have ever played" This is an exceptionally fine instrument. I am asking € 27,500.00 The instrument is located in France.  andrew.thwaites@nordnet.fr


15 jan 2010 v2 kl. 15.16 skrev Michael Ward:
5 year old YAMAHA YFG-812 bassoon for sale. Beautiful instrument with high C and high D keys. Many rollers. Very rich sound, and well balanced. I bought this instrument 5 years ago but have hardly used it since I am no longer a musician. Asking $17,000 or best offer. My location is Toronto, Canada.  

Full specifications can be found at:


Please e-mail me at mike.r.ward@gmail.com if you have any questions. 


Fagott: Schreiber "Prestige" ser. nr. 30373,
used in The Royal Opera Stockholm, Sweden 1994-2002
incl. 6 bocals. Service done November 2009.

Peter Höglund:  Tel +46 70 333 72 77
Thomas Schreiber
Meisterwerkstatt für Holzblasinstrumente
Mainzer Straße 41 a
64521 Groß-Gerau
Telefon +49 6152 958822
Fax      +49 6152 958830
Mobil    +49 177 6316534
eMail Werkstatt@Thomasschreiber.com
16 okt 2009 v42 kl. 21.16 skrev info@music-oldtimer.com:
Schreiber & Sohne Bassoon, made in Germany - Nauheim:

Schreiber & Sohne Bassoon made in Nauheim - Germany, very nice alpine maple wood (Acer pseudoplatanus), german system nickel/silver keywork. just serviced with new Pads and Corks where needed. vigorous tone, wonderful warm and vibrant sound. We also have a selection of used Bassoons for sale from Bassoon Makers like Puchner, Mirafone, Moosmann, Conn, Fox, Polisi, Amati, etc.
More information: http://www.music-oldtimer.com/en/instruments

    Från:     karengevorkian@yahoo.fr
    Ämne:     TA ( Tony Allcock ) machine shaper
    Datum:     lö 30 maj 2009 01.23.08 GMT+02:00
    Till:     chrisdav@canit.se

I am selling a TA shaping machine in like new shape. Used to shape appr. 30-50 pc. The machine is supplied with standard shaper-unit. Medium wide ( 15,5 on the tip ) the most popular and widespread shape. Comes with instructions.

This TA shaper cut the cane in its 'straight' condition, unlike many hand-held shapers which require the cane to be folded before it can be cut. The TA method ensures greater accuracy especially at the tip of the reed where it is so important, the geometry of the cut ensuring a better seal on the finished reed and gives greater mechanical strength to the finished reed. This accuracy has been achieved in manufacture through the use of computerised machine tools working to purpose-made programmes.

Lifting a lever on TA Machine Shapers separates the shaper-unit from the clamp allowing the cane to be inserted and automatically centred lengthways. Visual adjustments are made to the sideways position when the same lever is lowered again, clamping the cane firmly along its total length. Two blades then move from centre to tail of the cane - both sides simultaneously - and then from centre to tail the other way, controlled by two short handles, one each side of the machine - the work of only two or three seconds. Lifting the lever releases the finished cane. The cane is commonly cut dry.

The price is 800 Euros

Here you can see the photos:
Can send more on request.

Karen Gevorkian

24 maj 2009 kl. 17.09
Début du message réexpédié :

Liebe Kollegen, Kolleginnen, Freunde und Bekannte! Am 17. Mai 2009, 10.30 vormittags wurde im Zentrum der Stadt Genf in mein Auto eingebrochen und unter vielen Gegenstaenden auch mein Instrument gestohlen. Ich moechte Euch nun herzlich um Weiterleitung dieser email an alle Eure moeglichen Kontaktpersonen, Freunde und Kollegen und um eventuelle Vorsicht beim Ankauf eines solchen Instrumentes bitten. Es handelt sich bei dem gestohlenen Instrument um ein Fagott der Marke Yamaha, Modell 812 C, Seriennummer 3036. Das Instrument war in einem schwarzen Leder-Koffer der Marke MB verpackt. Vielen herzlichen Dank fuer Eure Mithilfe, Mit lieben Gruessen, Thomas Kalcher

Cheres Collegues et amis, Ca fait le matin du 17 mai 2009 vers 10.30 au centre ville de Geneve, qu`on m`a cassé ma voiture et volé mon Instrument. Je vous prie maintenant de envoyer cette email aux gens les plus possibles de votre connaissance et de faire d`attention si vous etes en train d`acheter un tel instrument. l`instrument volé est un basson de la marke Yamaha, model 812 C, numero de serie: 3036. Le basson `c`a trouvé dernierement dans une valise de la marke MB. Merci milles fois pour votre aide et votre attention, Cordiales salutations, Thomas Kalcher

Dear Collegues and friends, The morning of 17th of may this year, at 10.30 someone broke into my car which was placed in the city center of Geneva and stole my instrument. What I gently would like to ask you now is, to keep attention when bying or renting an instrument like the folling and to send this email to all the persons in your adressbook. The stolen instrument is a Yamaha basson type 812 C, with serial number 3036. Thanks a lot for your attention and your help, with my best regards, Thomas Kalcher -

Lionel Bord
12 rue Théophile Roussel
75012 Paris
+33 (0)951472946
+33 (0)683092182


Från:     jcannon@UDel.Edu
    Ämne:     Lowered Heckel contrabassoon price
    Datum:     on 6 maj 2009 18.48.13 GMT+02:00
    Till:     chrisdav@canit.se

Hello again,

I have decided to lower the price on my Heckel contrabassoon 670 to $35,000US.  I was going to wait until I found a buyer for the real value of the instrument, but we are looking to sell our house and move to another so we need the cash.  Someone will make out on my loss.  The sale includes the contra, 2 Heckel bocals (#1 & #2) and the custom hard case.  Could you post this new price and ad for me?

Jane Cannon
Newark, Delaware, USA


Från:     marina-martelli@libero.it
    Ämne:     I:
    Datum:     må 20 apr 2009 23.39.27 GMT+02:00
    Till:     chrisdav@canit.se
    Svara till:     marina-martelli@libero.it

i'm looking for a used contrabassoon mollenhauer or fox. please contact me
you know some person that sell
Thank you very much
Marina Martelli


Från:     jcannon@udel.edu
    Ämne:     Heckel contrabassoon #67X for sale
    Datum:     lö 11 apr 2009 21.45.16 GMT+02:00
    Till:     cd@bassoon.com

Heckel Contrabassoon #67X for sale.  Includes 2 Heckel bocals, custom aluminum hard case, Reunion blues gig bag, and Fox Contra stand.  $39,800.  Played in Chicago, National, and Montreal Symphonies.  Used on Chicago recordings.  Played in Delaware and Pennsylvania regional orchestras.  Very fine instrument.  Selling because I am retiring from contra playing.
Jane Cannon
Newark, DE, USA


    Från:     info@music-oldtimer.com
    Ämne:     Schreiber Bassoon http://www.music-oldtimer.com
    Datum:     on 8 apr 2009 17.17.02 GMT+02:00
    Till:     chrisdav@canit.se

W. Schreiber & Sohne Bassoon, Germany - Nauheim approx. 1980s,
Excellent Bassoon made in Germany by Schreiber & Sohne, wonderful maple wood (Acer pseudoplatanus), very good condition, soft and sweet sound, just serviced with new Pads and Cork where needed. A=440 tuning ± one cent. Price $ 2,310  For more information and photos contact http://www.music-oldtimer.com


    Från:     davidpurrington@gmail.com
    Ämne:     Fox 601 for sale
    Datum:     to 5 mar 2009 03.59.44 GMT+01:00
    Till:     chrisdav@canit.se

Fox 601 serial #33378 asking $15,000 US
In excellent condition.  Recently cleaned and oiled.  Keywork is the basic standard for a Fox 601. Available for trial up to 1 week, all shipping costs paid by buyer.  Includes case, case cover, crutch, seat strap.  Also comes with two Fox bocals (choose from CVC 3, *CVC* 3, or *CVC* 2).  Located in New Orleans.  Call David (972) 900-5542 or email davidpurrington@gmail.com


    Från:     ryanwilkins11@gmail.com
    Ämne:     Ad
    Datum:     ti 24 feb 2009 04.05.54 GMT+01:00

Almost new Kim Walker Case for bassoon. Each joint is stowed in a
separate compartment; bocals are secured in a rigid carrier; there
is storage for accessories too. It has concealed back pack straps,
end and side handles. Made of black cordura. $350


Från:     ajojatu@hotmail.com
    Ämne:     Fox 201 bassoon NEW , Must sell fast.
    Datum:     on 4 feb 2009 16.29.01 GMT+01:00

This is beautiful instrument , 201 FOX , absolutely new , just played for a week by a professional ,
comes with its warranty and 2 bocals CVX double star No. 1 and 2.
Call me if seriuos interested at 978 501 6972, Boston area.
Welcome local pick up and I would prefer you try the bassooon , it is ideal .


    Från:     jesse.read@ubc.ca
    Ämne:     Bell Bassoon for sale
    Datum:     må 12 jan 2009 01.56.08 GMT+01:00

 in new condition, never used professionally, kept in perfect shape. Gentleman's cut, standard finish, silver-plate keywork, Beautiful, warm, projecting, velvety sound.
Wonderfully even scale, impeccable intonation from note to note and register to register. Easy, smooth response in low register, and quick, resonant high register. All the qualities that the Bell instruments have come to represent.
Special features:
LH 5th finger Whisper Key ( French Whisper Key )
Combination Eb/Db LH 5th finger, allowing for extra smooth technique in low register.
Whisper Key lock RH thumb, plateau clicks down, button release, quick and practical.
D/Eb trill key, RH index finger.
2 Bell bocals
$25,000 CDN
Jesse Read
Please see pictures at the link below:
More information: http://picasaweb.google.com/readjes/BellBassoon?authkey=UdcYh7PMfBY#
Jesse Read
School of Music
University of British Columbia
Vancouver, BC CANADA V6T1Z2
604 822-3824


From: "Bassoons" <bassoon08@cox.net>
To: <chrisdav@canit.se>
Sent: Monday, December 15, 2008 1:10 AM
Subject: Kohlert Bassoon for Sale

Kohlert Bassoon circa 1960 - Made in Germany
- Includes case, 2 bocals and a few reeds.
Good shape for student instrument.
Case worn but functional.
Asking $2,000 US or best offer.
Respond to Bob at bassoons @ cox.net



4 okt 2008 kl. 15.27 skrev frank:

I have a number of  vintage bassoons for sale in my Ebay store: these are part of an extensive collection of Vintage Instruments. Please have a look at my Ebay store called "babazar". I am willing to negotate price and shipping.




From: Gustavo koberstein
To: chrisdav@canit.se
Sent: Wednesday, September 24, 2008 8:53 PM
Subject: add

YAMAHA BASSOON FOR SALE!  It is five-year-old instrument, model Gentleman YFG-812C, series number 3093.

I have played with this instrument in 5 professional orchestras and it is in great shape. It has a big and round tone color and

has a Bonna leather case and a Yamaha c1 bocal. The final prize is $15,000. I have pictures to send.

Contact Gustavo gu.arte@gmail.com

Gustavo Koberstein


From: Javier Alama constancio
To: chrisdav@canit.se
Sent: Sunday, July 20, 2008 11:21 PM
Subject: Bassoon Fox 201D for sale

Hello I sell my bassoon FOX 201d in perfect condition.
I sell a bassoon FOX  201D Superior bought in March, 2005. I include 2 bocals Fox CTC N 1 and 2; and another bocal Heckel CD N�1.
 The bassoon comes totally equipped. I include a bassoon-bag black very light(slight) and comfortable ROKO. I include also any kind of accessories: a reedcase, cleansers, etc.... 
 The bassoon have a very correct entonation and great dark sound. (Played in orchestra).
Checked this year, and changed the slippers.
Total price: 12.000 negotiable Euros. Do not doubt of be contacting, the bassoon can be proved(tried) without any commitment.  
 For more information and photos contact: javifagotto@hotmail.com


From: curt larson
To: chrisdav@canit.se
Sent: Thursday, May 29, 2008 12:41 PM
Subject: Kohlert basson

Used pre-WWII Kohler bassoon and 2 bocals.
Stamped on bell....
"V.Kohlert Sons
(7-medallion imprint)
(5-point star imprint)
Bocals: 2 & 1E(marked �V.Kohlert�s S�hne - Graslitz")


Curt Larson
Helsinki, Finland
Pittsburgh, PA

From: Woodwinds
To: chrisdav@canit.se
Sent: Wednesday, February 27, 2008 3:38 PM
Subject: Bassoons for sale


From: "Susanna Whitney" <susannawhitney@yahoo.com>
To: <chrisdav@canit.se>
Sent: Tuesday, May 13, 2008 10:27 PM
Subject: Fox 222 for sale

I'm selling my Fox 222 because I'm upgrading to a
Heckel. I bought it about 7 years ago, and it has
treated me well since then. Please e-mail me for more
information at susannawhitney@yahoo.com

From: Karen Gevorkian
To: chrisdav@canit.se
Sent: Thursday, April 17, 2008 12:44 AM
Subject: Yamaha Bassoon YFG 812 Compact Model for sale

Yamaha Bassoon YFG 812 Compact Model. Purchased in 2002.

The instrument is in excellent condition, it has a big sound, great intonation! Very flexible instrument - good for orchestra, chamber music and solo plaiyng. With this instrument I have performed as soloist in numerous concerts including 35 performances of Mozart concerto in very important concert halls in particular in Sydney Opera House. This instrument I used in few professional orchestras and during the last two years I played it  in  the major opera orchestra. High Eb and E keys. Comes with original (virtually indestructible) Yamaha case, Altieri deluxe cover ( with 2 backpack straps ) , balance hanger, wooden handrest with adjustable height, distance guard for boot joint (keeps the bassoon away from the body and clothes while playing in a standing position) and a Heckel CC2 bocal (like new). Series number � 3138. The prize is 12500 Euros. Available for trying in Belgium.
You can see the pictures here.  http://www.flickr.com/photos/23257332@N � 567680862/
Contact me at karengevorkian@yahoo.fr

From: Mikhail Kovalchuk
To: chrisdav@canit.se
Sent: Monday, April 14, 2008 9:21 AM
Subject: universal key/F#,G#,A#/ bassoon

Hello! I'm Mikhail Kovalchuk

.I modernized a bassoon. Here it is possible to see the first tests of new opportunities of a bassoon.




automatic system for the keys fa# , sol# and la#. Posibility of play Fa #, Sol#, La# like Fa, Sol, La + a universal key (Fa #, Sol#, La#)

Please write me your opinion. E-mail  


From: Mark Shamlian
To: chrisdav@canit.se
Sent: Friday, March 14, 2008 8:53 PM
Subject: Bassoons for sale

Dear Sirs:

I have the following bassoons for sale.  They were the instruments of the late John Shamlian, (Philadelphia Orchestra, London Symphony). In addition to being a musician he was a renown bassoon repairman.

HECKEL � bassoon # 7219 (1931), with 2 prewar bocals and case.  Very fine instrument with lovely resonant tone. Please email me with questions. Serious inquiries only.  Appraised at $32,000  

MOENNIG � Contrabassoon # 1053 with C-bell and low B-flat bell, 2 bocals , soft case and shipping case. Fine instrument in excellent condition.  Recently appraised at $30,000 (but need to confirm this figure with other experts)

Please contact Mark Shamlian at    mshamlian@comcast.net      (Philadelphia area)

Thank you.


From: Karen Gevorkian
To: chrisdav@canit.se
Sent: Monday, March 03, 2008 1:59 AM
Subject: Bassoon gouging machine Tony Allcock


I'm selling a beautifully made  Tony Allcock  bassoon gouger, never used , in new condition.  Asking 1100 Euros negociable plus shipping. Reason for sale, I bought the machine 2 years ago with  intention to start at last to make my own reeds, but I have to admit finally that I am never going to have enouth time with my orchestra job. This machine is very expensive and if you were buying it direct from TA it would usually have to be on special order and there could be a waiting list of up to 6 months, and then you'd be paying a price of around 1450 Euros( 1190 Euros + VAT 22%) But now you can buy it at more affordable price. Gouging machine is supplied ready for use, with detailed instruction-sheets and associated tools . With the machine I include the very nice wooden box especially made on my order and a lot of splited very good French cane. It�s a really fantastic offer !  You save 350 Euros and get nice box and cane!!


From: "Ryan Wilkins" <Ryan.Wilkins@oberlin.edu>
To: <chrisdav@canit.se>
Sent: Thursday, February 28, 2008 5:23 AM
Subject: Fox 240

Fox 240 short-bore bassoon for sale. Maintained by Carl Sawicki.  Red maple wood with
silver-plated keys. Includes High D and E keys as well as several rollers and whisper key lock.
Comes with a high resonance bell by Fox as well as it�s original French bell. Comes with CVX
2 and CVX 3 bocals. Seat strap and crutch also included. Comes with original Fox case and
case cover. However, a Kim Walker case can be added for an extra $350.

Asking Price- $5,500

Please feel free to ask questions or contact me at Ryan.Wilkins@Oberlin.edu or at (210) 241-


Dear Sirs,
I do have two excellent bassoons for sale, please, put these two ads to your list.

- Heckel 10000-series instrument. Simply great. Used always  by a professional musician in a symphony orchestra.
Made in 1956. Comes with two original Heckel bocals. Wonderful sound. Best for a first chair player or a soloist.
Asking price is 23000 euros ONO. The bassoon is in Helsinki Finland.
I can send pictures.

- Adler- M�nnig 214CS Gentlemans model. New bassoon with all extras. Silver inserts in finger holes.
Short case with cover. This bassoon still has the full factory warranty on it.
This bassoon�s retail price is 17500 euros, now 10000 euros net ONO.
One can seldom find this kind of value for money. This bassoon is in Helsinki Finland.

More info by e-mail: matti.helin@woodwin.pp.fi  or tel.+358 400 205526

Sincerely yours,
Matti Helin


From: Daniel Wheelock
To: chrisdav@canit.se
Sent: Friday, November 16, 2007 7:31 AM
Subject: Bassoon!

Willing to buy a bassoon that suits me for $800.00 USD.


From: burgrade@aol.fr
To: burgrade@aol.fr
Sent: Monday, January 28, 2008 12:28 AM

dear sir,
next joint photos about rare antic bassoon before french revolution in good condition with leather case to sell.
write if you see other fotos. thanks to talk about it to yours friends musicians and collectors.
thanks for your help.
regards, Guillaume Olivier






From: andres skarbun
To: chrisdav@canit.se
Sent: Friday, December 28, 2007 8:59 PM
Subject: Heckel 6300 bassoon for sale

dear sir,
Could you publish my add. Many thanks in advance. Andres Skarbun
Absolutely great 6300 Heckel bassoon, complete overhaul & maintained by W.Rieger sept.2007, high D, high E, bridge A,rollers #C+#D F+#F+#G,choice of Heckel crooks,original ivory ring,lock LH,tenon reinforced brass ring,more pics on request.eur.16000.andres_skarbun@hotmail.com

Andres P. Skarbun
Ardennen 62

From: ARKMEISER@aol.com
To: chrisdav@canit.se
Sent: Sunday, December 16, 2007 6:17 PM
Subject: Reed and Cane Indicators

I am selling 2 slightly used analog (dial), metric reed and cane indicators. One has the peg to place a reed on (Forrests # BH-22-BA) and the other is has no peg and can be only used to measure cane (Forrests #H-17). I am selling each at a substantial discount from the catalog price.  Email for pics.

From: Jason Darnaby Hannan

From: Jean Lee

To: chrisdav@canit.se

Sent: Friday, December 07, 2007 7:34 PM

Subject: Heckel 5678 and 2 Heckel bocals for sale

Please contact jeanqe@yahoo.com for more information.

To: chrisdav@canit.se

Sent: Wednesday, October 10, 2007 2:15 AM
Subject: Heckel For Sale

Heckel Bassoon Impecable Condition #5822
 Played Professionally, Resonant Warm Sound; Whisper Lock, High D, E flat and E keys, Rollers on R.H. Low E to F

sharp key, pinky F to G sharp roller, and an original thumb trill A flat to B Flat; Rollers for L.H. are located

on the pinky keys.  Bassoon has very even pitch and rich wooden toned sound, and a very resistance free tenor

range, tenor range just soars, incredibly rich upper tones.  Bassoon comes with a new leather tube case and is

currently located in Naples, Florida.  Bassoon is available for trials.  Asking $17,000...it's a steal!
Contact: Jason Hannan
Or e-mail me at Jason@YourSWFlorida.com

From: Elizabeth Crawford
To: chrisdav@canit.se
Sent: Thursday, September 20, 2007 1:38 AM
Subject: Puchner for sale

Puchner 8045 for sale, asking $7500.  This is an excellent professional level instrument for not a lot of money.

 I bought this instrument from my teacher in 2002.  Very even scale, lovely tone, very responsive lower

register.  Do not be turned off by exterior "character" this is a wonderful instrument!  I have played it all

over the world, literally, as a professional musician. Link to pictures:

Contact Elizabeth at: elizabeth.m.ball@gmail.com or call 702.227.7190.  I am located in Las Vegas, NV. 

From: Ashley Meeder
To: chrisdav@canit.se
Sent: Thursday, September 06, 2007 12:17 AM
Subject: basson

Hello, I am the owner of a wonderful German made Schreiber and Sohne Bassoon, Serial # 8066.  2 Bocals, thumb

lock, seat strap, minor wear, no cracks/ leaks, bell, pads and corks in good shape. Very nice hard case and reed

tools Recently serviced and played.  Beautiful sound. Perfect for high school/college student.
Photographs upon request.  Offer $1850 - Shipping Included.  Contact: ashley.meeder@gmail.com  Lancaster, PA

From: carlos bastidas
To: chrisdav@canit.se
Sent: Monday, September 03, 2007 10:17 PM
Subject: Bassoon for sale

Hello Everyone:
Schreiber Bassoon for Sale
Prestige Model S91 (WS5091)

This is a great bassoon with perfect response and intonation. Excellent powerful sound and in good condition,

High D and E., standard rollers, low C spatula, Eb trill key, pancake F# key, Left Hand whisper key lock, 2

bocals, original Schreiber durable hard case with cover. In great working order.

Previous owner was, Gerald Corey (former President of the International Double Reed Society and ex-principal of

the NAC Orchestra) and my former bassoon teacher. For more info and pictures please visit:  

Sale Price: $12,500 US Dollars  (plus shipping from Toronto, Canada)
contact e-mail: bastidasjc@hotmail.com

From: Jesse Dunn
To: chrisdav@canit.se
Sent: Monday, August 13, 2007 12:08 AM
Subject: Fox Bassoon for sale

I am currently selling my Fox Model I Long Bore bassoon built in 1981. The serial number is 9565. I have all of

the receipts for repare as well as a personal note to my mother from A. H. Fox. The instrument was recently

tuned up and appraised for 11,000.00 although I am willing to sell it for 9,000.00. It comes with a Cavallaro

case cover and two Heckel bocals including a CC1 and CC2. If you are interested I can be contacted at


From: Wacomusic@aol.com
To: chrisdav@canit.se
Sent: Sunday, August 12, 2007 2:24 AM
Subject: Music for contrabassoon

You may find this piece interesting:

From: Paul Hatton
To: chrisdav@canit.se
Sent: Saturday, August 04, 2007 10:06 PM
Subject: Bassoon Fingering Website

Dear Mr. Davidsson �

I�m a music educator in the Washington, DC, USA area and I am developing an interactive bassoon fingering

website that I hope you or your visitors at www.bassoon.com might be interested in.

I�m currently soliciting feedback on site design and functionality, and if you have a moment, please visit


The site is designed to help student bassoonists and teachers who need to �brush up� their bassoon fingerings�

like myself! (I�m a clarinetist). I�ve also thrown in tips on pitch tendency and embouchure.

I�ve already gotten some great feedback from the IDRS forum and other bassoonists I know, and I want to contact

as many other professional bassoonists that I can before the site is publicized to the general public.

Thank you so much in advance!

Paul Hatton

From: RoBiNo121@aol.com
To: chrisdav@canit.se
Sent: Thursday, August 02, 2007 10:55 PM
Subject: need a bassoon

I'm entering my senior year in high school and I'm interested in purchasing a bassoon that will last me through

college. As of now I am planning to major in music.

email back at:        robino121@aol.com
subject: bassoon


From: JERBSN@aol.com
To: chrisdav@canit.se
Sent: Monday, July 30, 2007 3:16 AM
Subject: Fox Renard Bassoon for sale

Fox Renard model 220 # 33XXX. Silver key work, D,E, Crown on low E key, excellent intonation and tone. Heckel

bocal included with Fox Double Star CVX bocals. I used this instrument for Kiddie concerts and as a back up to

my Heckels.  $6,000.
 Email.  jerbsn@aol.com


From: "jinju carlson" <jinjuc@gmail.com>
To: <chrisdav@canit.se>
Sent: Tuesday, July 24, 2007 4:33 AM
Subject: Links

Would it be possible to add my website to your links page on bassoon.com?

Carlson Reed Co.
-Jinju Carlson


From: Slawomir Krysmalski
To: chrisdav@canit.se
Sent: Sunday, May 27, 2007 12:28 AM
Subject: 04 Mollenhauer #1027 contrabassoon for sale

2004 Mollenhauer #1027 contrabassoon for sale, only on owner.
Beautiful instrument with extra octave key for c, c# and d; e/f# trill key, extra RTh E-flat.
Lots of great and usefull rollers.
Worked on by K.Sawicki and maintained by F.Marcus.
At present, is being played in Barcelona Symphony.
Comes with two Mollenhauer bocals, #1 and #2, hard case and cargo case (500E value).
Great instrument, with even scale, great intonation, big sound and also good high register.
I use with it pre-war Heckel bocal with it, which is not included in the deal, but would sell it for 2,000Euros.
I am selling it because am expecting a delivery of a new Heckel contrabassoon in Spring 2008, The price: 20,000

Euros, but would sell it for 19,000 Euros if paid now and delivered in spring 2008.
Pictures available on request.

Slawomir Krysmalski, contrabassoon
Barcelona Symphony
Cell.: (34) 671 681 119

From: Brian Charles
To: chrisdav@canit.se
Sent: Thursday, March 08, 2007 6:37 PM
Subject: Bassoon Reed Making" by Popkin/Glickman --- PRESS RELEASE ---

Charles Double Reed Company is very pleased to announce the publication of the new third edition of "Bassoon

Reed Making" by Mark Popkin and Loren Glickman, a timeless masterpiece of bassoon literature.

This new updated version features a deluxe spiral binding, allowing the musician greater access to the contents.

Referred to as "The Bible of Bassoon Reed Making."

Detailed instructions, voluminous references, highly instructive photos and a historical perspective of the

elusive art of bassoon reed making by two revered master bassoonists. First published in hardback, the new

spiral edition makes it easy for the reed maker to refer to specific pages as they work.

There are no other books that rival the depth and breath of information and wisdom contained in "Bassoon Reed

Making" by Popkin and Glickman. A classic makes a triumphant return. This 160 page spiral bound edition is

priced at $32.95. Business and educational discounts are available.

Details: http://www.charlesmusic.com/cgi-bin/theo?action=product&product_number=13-5-500

Best Regards,


Brian Charles, Owner and Director
Charles Double Reed Company

65 Seavey Street
PO Box 2120
North Conway, NH 03860


From: "neckgig bag" <neckgigbag@hotmail.com>
To: <chrisdav@canit.se>
Sent: Friday, February 23, 2007 2:59 PM
Subject: advertise

I am saleing bassoon Fox 201 D.
Looks brand new and has lots of options: split bass joint, high A bridge
key, balance hanger, offset high E,
RH Eb trill with offset C# trill and Ab-Bb trill key.
I am selling it because I am switching to a new Pruchner.
Beautiful tone and intonation.
High D & E keys, R&LH whisper locks.
L thumb whisper, C#,  low C,low D . Rollers on F, Ab, Eb, Db, R thumb Bb, E,
F#, G#
Comes with three bocals.  All information and pictures on e-mail

From: Joe Novo
To: chrisdav@canit.se
Sent: Monday, February 19, 2007 4:32 PM
Subject: Vintage Lesher (Selmer) wooden Bassoon

I have a Vintage Lesher (Selmer) wooden Bassoon.  It is a former highschool band instrument.  I'm pretty sure

that it needs some TLC and probably a trip to the local music shop.  The finish is scuffed.   I don't really

know anything about bassoons so you make the call.  It comes with 2 Bocals and it does have the hand rest and a

strap.  The case is old and beat up but it still functions fine.  Check Ebay item number 120088513192 for more

details.  $300 thenovo@gmail.com

From: Iain Ballamy
To: chrisdav@canit.se
Sent: Wednesday, February 14, 2007 12:05 AM
Subject: Heckel Contrabassoon for sale

Heckel Contrabassoon for sale.
Built 1912.Serial number 229
Originally to low C and converted to B flat some time in the past.
Good playing condition (checked over by Howarth of London) but would benefit from TLC - cleaning and minor

improvments here and there (does not have a floor spike or tuning slide).
N.B This instrument has no case.
Fabulous contra in need of a good home (rescued from a fine Art auction in Scotland last year, I am a

Saxophonist not a Bassoonist!).
May be viewed or tried in London or Guildford.
This is a rare opportunity to aquire such an instrument.
Asking �8500 but offers considered.
Please contact me ONLY if you are genuinely interested in buying ie. No timewasters welcome. Thanks!
Will gladly send photos.

Iain Ballamy

+44 7973 940020

From: Laszlo Voros
Sent: Tuesday, February 13, 2007 9:09 AM
Subject: bassoon reeds

Dear colleauge,
we make professional bassoon reeds. Price: 9 � (11 USD, 6 GBP, 13 CAD, 1260 JPY) Shipping and processing on the

average: 8-12%
Baroque and classical reeds are also available. Price: 15 � (18 USD, 10,5 GBP, 21 CAD, 2100 JPY)
If you are intrested in, please write or phone.
Our reeds are guaranteed for normal life, under standard use.
If they fail to meet your expectations,
they may be returned for replacement or refund.
Laszlo Voros and Kate Sebella
Phone/fax: +36 22 368 366
Handy: +36 30 5155 136; +36 30 239 4867
e-mail: parlando10@yahoo.com


From: Diane Korntheuer
To: chrisdav@canit.se
Sent: Sunday, January 28, 2007 11:32 PM
Subject: Fox Model 220 Bassoon For Sale

Exquisite Fox Renard Artist Model 220 Bassoon (long bore) and related accessories for sale.  Was purchased in

1997, is in absolute mint condition, and was barely used by just one person who took lessons periodically and

played occasionally for pleasure.  Current list price of this model is $10,500. Asking $4,000 plus

shipping/insurance unless it�s picked up locally in Glastonbury, CT.  Comes in a Fox Artist Bassoon case with

leather cover. Includes various reeds, leather strap, anti-tarnish strips, bocal brush, Dampit protectors.  If

interested call 860-659-3167 or email me at DianeK2@cox.net.  

To: chrisdav@canit.se
Sent: Monday, January 15, 2007 7:04 PM
Subject: Bassoon for sale

For Sale: European Moosmann 150 with upgraded key work.
15 rollers
High E and F.
Ab/Bb trill.
Balance hanger.
Right thumb whisper key lock.
AW2 and AW1 Excellent bocals.
Mint condition and played in.
Current new cost over $13000.00. Asking price $9900
See http://www.music.simonknight.org/Moosmann%20150.htm for pictures
Contact Simon Knight simonknight@comcast.net

From: Lori Bratton
To: chrisdav@canit.se
Sent: Tuesday, January 09, 2007 7:59 PM
Subject: Heckel Bocals for Sale

Two Heckel bocals for sale, one #1 and one #2.  Appraise at $1,500 each, asking $1,200 a piece, OBO.

contact: loribratton@yahoo.com


From: Rbosco1935@aol.com
To: chrisdav@canit.se
Sent: Sunday, December 31, 2006 5:31 PM
Subject: Fox Basson for sale

Fox bassoon.  Made in late 50's. Serial #475.
    According to Chip Owens, Fox factory technician, this horn is similar to the present day Model II which

sells for over $15,000.It has a dark maple body.  Minor key plating wear and some minor scratches (or little

nicks) on the wing (tenor) joint and boot.
    There's some finish wear on the boot joint (where left hand is placed). Has the standard rollers, with high

d key (no e).  Metal tubes on wing joint. Has 2 bocals, # 2 Fox CVX and
# 2 Fox C.
    Case is in excellent condition made of hard wood and leather bound.  Horn has an excellent scale.  Pictures

available on request  Asking $5,500.00
    For inquiries call 563-391-7517 or email rbosco1935@aol.com.

From: bassoonkd
To: chrisdav@canit.se
Sent: Friday, December 29, 2006 11:21 AM
Subject: Bassoon for sale

I'm selling M�nnig bassoon made in GDR. Bassoon is in nice condition, plays warm sound and has good intonation.

It comes with 2 boacals and case.

Price: 3000Euros

Pictures on request.
Contact me: bassoonkd@gmail.com


From: Will Genz
To: chrisdav@canit.se
Sent: Thursday, December 28, 2006 4:17 AM
Subject: URL Post

Hi, Could you please post this on the Bassoon Bulletin Board? Thanks, WG


Professional Bassoon and Contrabasoon Reeds

From: LIbisch@aol.com
To: chrisdav@canit.se
Sent: Saturday, December 16, 2006 4:56 AM
Subject: bassoon for sale

Buffet R136 probably dating from the 1920s. Just restored. Excellent instrument. Comes with one Buffet L  bocal.

 Wing joint is lined.  The instrument is made of dark rosewood. Case dates from same time period. Pictures

available. Price $1500. Contact Larry Ibisch at libisch@aol.com or tel 718-549-1366


From: Selim Bekh
To: chrisdav@canit.se
Cc: libisch@aol.com
Sent: Friday, November 17, 2006 2:25 AM
Subject: For Sale: Buffet-Crampon vintage French Bassoon

For Sale:  Buffet-Crampon vintage French Bassoon

Please see Ebay auction:  http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?


End date:     Sunday, Nov 19, 2006 19:49:19 PST

This is a French Bassoon, not sure of the age. All keys seem to work, pads look OK, but I am not a player.

No serial number is evident, so this one must have been made before they started engraving numbers...

To learn more about the French Bassoon, see this web article:



From: "Rene A. Castro Tu01" <Rene.A.Castro.Tu01@Alum.Dartmouth.ORG>
To: <chrisdav@canit.se>
Sent: Thursday, October 26, 2006 12:22 AM
Subject: Bass Dulcian for Sale

Bass Dulcian for Sale
Made by Leslie Ross. Like-new condition. Purchased new in
1999, not played much. Made of pearwood with two brass
keys, pitched at A-440. For more information on Leslie
Ross instruments, you can go to her website at
Asking US$ 2,500.
Please call 917-596-6257.


From: "Toub, Mel (GE Indust, Advanced Materials)" <Mel.Toub@ge.com>
To: <chrisdav@canit.se>
Sent: Monday, October 23, 2006 8:11 PM
Subject: For Sale...Heckel Bassoon #6925

This is a wonderful late 6000 series Heckel with beautiful tone and good scale.  Recent major overhaul by

Sawicki including addition of high D key and right hand whisper key lock.  All other keywork original.  Asking

$22,000.  Please contact Mel for details.  Ph 518-383-1454.


From: "Kathleen Moniaci" <msmoniaci@gmail.com>
To: <chrisdav@canit.se>
Sent: Tuesday, October 17, 2006 3:45 AM
Subject: Fox 601 for sale
Fox 601 #37,301
I purchased this instrument new in 2003 and played on it for the last 
three years of my undergrad at the University of Michigan.  Looks 
brand new and has lots of options: split bass joint, high A bridge 
key, balance hanger, offset high E, RH Eb trill with offset C# trill 
and Ab-Bb trill key.  The instrument was just serviced at the Fox 
Factory in late September.  A wonderful 601!  I am selling it because 
I am switching to a Heckel. $15,500 or best offer.
Please contact Kathleen by phone at 248-736-0147 or by email at 


From: Peter Hurd
To: chrisdav@canit.se
Sent: Monday, October 16, 2006 8:46 AM
Subject: 2 Magnificent Contrabassoons for sale

PUCHNER, model 28, made in 1970. To low Bb.  Absolutely MINT condition, 13 rollers, has extra keys as well. Just

serviced by Keith Bowen. FABULOUS instrument in EVERY respect- as fine a Puchner contrabassoon as could possibly

exist.  Phenomenal high range. "Dark" tone.  $26,000
Mollenhauer, 1938, to low Bb, near mint condition, just completely overhauled by Keith Bowen.  Keywork replated

with quadruple silver plate.  Absolutely as fine a Mollenhauer as could possibly exist. FABULOUS instrument in

EVERY respect! Keith Bowen says:  "This Mollenhauer contrabassoon is to Mollenhauer contrabassoons as the Heckel

8000 series is to Heckel bassoons."  Phenomenal high register. Amazing warm "woody" resonant tone, with great

projection. $24,000
Instruments now in Seattle. 
Please, serious inquiries only ! Thank you!
Please contact: Peter Hurd

From: Will Genz
To: chrisdav@canit.se
Sent: Tuesday, September 26, 2006 2:18 PM
Subject: FOR SALE: Bassoon and Contrabassoon Reeds

Professional Bassoon and Contrabassoon Reeds
Bassoon Accesories and Tools
Web: http://wgenz.tripod.com/
I invite you to browse my website!  I offer high quality
reeds at reasonable prices along with accesories.
International Shipping available.

From: "chad taylor" <taylor_chad@hotmail.com>
To: <chrisdav@canit.se>
Sent: Sunday, September 03, 2006 8:22 PM
Subject: Heckel #59xx for sale

Short (wide) bore model. Recently overhauled, Plays absolutely wonderful.
Very big dark sound, good intonation. Has original installed Ab/Bb trill.
High D key, but no rollers, I found that I didnt need to have them added
as it was quite easy for me to get around on this horn without them.
Priced at 16,000 negotiable. Instrument is located 2 hours west of
Chicago. Contact Chad Taylor at taylor_chad@hotmail.com or on cell phone
at 815-343-2492


To: chrisdav@canit.se
Sent: Sunday, September 03, 2006 6:31 PM
Subject: heckel bassoon for sale

I have a heckel bassoon for sale series 10100,repad ,renikel keys, in very good condition ,warm sound,played in

orchestra,price is 18000 euro or best offer.mail me at nonnbassoon@yahoo.com for more information.


From: bsn 2nd
To: Christian Davidsson
Sent: Sunday, September 03, 2006 5:58 PM
Subject: Re: bassoon ad, Thank you

*Gebr�der M�nnig , Semi-Professional  Bassoon, series# 159xx, well
maple wood with nature grain, silver plated mechanism. High D key, 5
rollers, whisper key lock, 2nd B flat key, 3 trill keys (F#/G#,
E/F#), Extended low low C key, Special resin lining in tone holes.*

* *

*Accessories: - 2 bocals (One M�nnig # 1 bocal, one unnamed, #2 like

*- Wood handrest - Leather seat belt - Harness - Wood reed case -
case (very good) *
* *
*This bassoon is in very good playing and nice cosmetic condition,
it plays
warm sound and smooth scales. Ask $2650, $35 shipping in US.  Email
2ndbsn@gmail.com  for photos.***


From: "Carin Miller" <carinmiller@hotmail.com>

To: <chrisdav@canit.se>

Sent: Thursday, April 06, 2006 2:44 AM

Subject: bassoon bocals for sale


I have 4 heckel bocals for sale at $450 each.


I also have a fox C3 bocal for $85.

Contact Carin Miller: carinmiller@hotmail.com


From: bert4bsn

To: chrisdav@canit.se

Sent: Monday, January 02, 2006 1:26 AM





P�chner Bassoon Model 23 professional  S/N 10448

Price $13500 One owner. Instrument in like-new, condition; finish unblemished

red-brown with mountain maple wood stripes No cracks, or repairs of any kind.

Full  warm sound, even scale.

Description: Silverplated mechanism, high D key and high E key, automatic G ring,

E-Fsharp trill, Ab-Bb trill. 13 rollers

Hand-rest with crutch Balance hanger

2 P�chner crooks. Deluxe J�ger case, plush-lined, in brand-new condition

and Altieri cover with zippered back-pack design.

Contact me for more information, but I will only discuss  with truly

serious prospective buyers. So please be prepared to tell me about your location.

Prefer prospective buyer in north-eastern

united states.  Pictures available upon request.

Email bert4bsn at  ljdrop at massmed dot org

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