Welcome to the Astronomy Junkyard

The Astronomy Junkyard started as a collection of links relating in some
way to all aspects of design and construction of robotic telescopes, and in
particular, high speed photometric instruments. It came to include some other
links, too, so the name really suits the webpage. The Astronomy Junkyard will be
the primary web site for Dominic-Luc Webb's STP (high performance stepper motor
driver) project as well as the source of information on his catadioptric and
array telescopes and high speed photometers.

Telescope building and Imaging (Dominic's own projects): Telescope building and Imaging (Other people's sites): Bioastronomy: Classical Astronomy: Berkeley BSD/Linux/Unix:
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Online Tables, Dictionaries and References: Links to other labs & suppliers Western Blot Radioimmunoassay (RIA) DNA/protein alignment/analysis links Antibodies and other probes General information links: How to contact Dominic-Luc Webb:
Mail: dlwebb@canit.se