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This page is about Spectravideo 328 (and 318), and it is under construction.

Right now this page is mainly about my project to create more new hardware for the Spectravideo 328.

If you are interested in this, please email me on this adress:

spectravideo at repulsiv dot se

If you want to discuss it you can also discuss it on..

The spectravideo forum: Here

The linkedin spectravideo group: Here

The facebook (eek!) page: Here

Cafe 8bitar community (in Swedish): Here

Other links..

Rogers spectravideo page (really good): Here

The unofficial Spectravideo homepage by Tomas Karlsson: Here

Hans Ottens MSX info pages: Here

Johan Winges spectravideo tools on sourceforge: Here


2121-02-07 - Even longer time, no update.. Things in my life that I have no control over are taking ways I do not like.. Sadly I do not have any energy to work on this project right now, maybe in the future when things in my life is better.. IF they get better..

2017-09-14 - Long time, no update. I havnt had much time for this lately, but since I managed to boot my spectravideo into diskbasic from an USB stick yesterday I got some motivation again and have started a new project, a way to load diskimages into your 3x8, with or without super expander.

2016-01-12 - Finally an update, unfortunatly not so much news, I just updated some links, and tell you that I bought anoter SV328 with fully working keyboard so that I do not have to test my dangerous hardware on my precious 328 that I got new as a kid..

2015-02-19 - I registred the domain spectravideo.se and will move from repulsiv.se to spectravideo.se

2015-02-03 - Finally a update on the page, it's alive! ..Not much have happened, but I have been working on the PCBs for some projects, slowly progressing. Also updated the links.

2014-07-25 - I was given a working spectravideo 728 for free, wee, my first MSX :) ..this might result in that the project also will cover a MSX disk controller.

2014-05-20 - The floppy controller IC's arrived. Image

2014-05-03 - Ordered some different floppy controller ICs from asia.. hope I get them..

2014-04-25 - CPLD boards recived Image

2014-04-23 - Found a new manufacturer for the boards, with a new set of rules.. ..Redesigning spectraserial again.

2014-04-18 - CPLD boards shipped from manufacturer, on their way to me.

2014-04-14 - Finished routing of the CPLD lab-board, and sent it to manufacturing. Picture

2014-04-06 - Recived my 50p connectors for superexpander cards, yay! Picture

2014-04-05 - Got an mail from a guy wanting to donate the spectravideo maskinspråksmanual by Andrzej Felczak, to me. Nice, even if it is available as PDF I prefere the original :)

2014-04-04 - Created a vectorized spectravideo logo to be used on PCBs and on this webpage .

2014-04-03 - Started to create a homebrew CPLD-testbed to be used with the project. About 90 percent done.

2014-03-31 - Came up with a second try of the spectraserial PCB, might use it, or redesign. Picture

2014-03-30 - Came up with the first routed PCB in eagle for spectraserial (must find a better name!)

2014-03-29 - Created a card edge connector for superexpander cards in eagle

2014-03-29 - Decided the future route, none of the variants described in the textfile ;) ..I will write a spec about it later.

2014-03-28 - Recived a donation of 10pcs Xilinx XC9572XL CPLD units and a programmer to be used in the project

2014-03-27 - Ordered 5pcs of 100pin connectors for the superexpander slots

2014-03-18 - Posted the information text about my project here. Spectravideo expansion projecti.txt

2014-03-18 - Launched this webpage, announced it on several forums.

A bite of darkness, a doom of fate, can you feel it vibes of hate, pain is just another malfunction toxicating your brain.

This page is completly written in vim, created 2014-03-17 and updated 2017-09-14.

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