Angora ferrets

Some photos of angora ferrets

Hagaparken, Stockholm, autumn 1995:
[Long haired ferret]
One of the first I saw, it's at least the earliest photo of one I have on the web. This gentleman was lost and found, but never reported missing by his owner, so he got a new home.

[Long haired ferret]
An outdoors meeting in 1996.

A Swedish Ferret Society show, Höör Spring 1996:
[Long haired ferret]
Shows off the fur nicely. As you can see, they come in different colours.

Stockholmsillern meeting, Dec 1998:
[Angora ferret]
Here the extra fold of the nose clearly shows. He's also got lots of fur on the nose itself, but it's light so it doesn't show very well.

General facts

Some long haired ferrets can be called angora ferrets. They have a different kind of fur, which is longer and feels a bit different, but when they loose their baby fur it's not necessarily very much longer than that of some ordinary ferrets.

Angora ferrets first appeared in Scandinavia, probably Norway, in the mid 1990's.

Apart from the longer fur, there are a number of differences to angora ferrets, amongst them are:

  1. I've as yet to hear of a single female who has taken care of her kits.
  2. The nose has an extra fold.
  3. There is fur on and inside the nose.

They have also got a reputation for being more energetic than most ferrets, something which I doubt is true, as that's generally a very individual thing.

The different nose means they don't place very well in Swedish shows. If it's a handicap from a practical standpoint, I don't know.

That they don't take care of their kits, which means a breeder must have a foster mother ready, is one reason they're unusual. This may also mean that you shouldn't try to breed them, as regulations here in the EU prohibit the breeding of animals which cannot reproduce naturally.

Many of those you may see aren't what could be called "100% angoras", but part angora and regular ferret, and thus don't have all the properties of an angora ferret, although they may have rather long fur.

For some reason, I get lots of mail from people who either just want an angora ferret or want a couple so they can start breeding them. (Some of them even realise I'm in Sweden.) Presumably, they must have written to me because they've found this web page. What I don't understand is why they write to me of all people. Obviously the above content doesn't make my opinion clear. I won't help anyone find an angora ferret breeder. I won't even reply to such letters anymore either. But do feel free to write me if there's something else you want to ask me about in connection with ferrets, angora or otherwise.

Ferrets: You can't live without them!
Tamillrar: Man kan inte leva utan dem!

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