Walks with your ferrets

Ferrets likes to go for walks. It's uncommon for them to not like to put on a harness and be attached to a leash. There are special ferret harnesses, but you can also use those made for kittens. As a leash, a 5 meter flex-lead it usually good. If they're well behaved, you can put them in a paired harness, so bringing out four at the same time is perfectly possible. (But there's a risk for tanglement.)

Compared with dogs you could say that ferrets are agarophobic. They don't like large open spaces, and keep to walls, under hedges and run from tree to tree.

They very much like to dig in soil and can keep up digging under a bush for a long time, but when it's cool they also manage kilometre-long walks at a brisk rate. But don't force them, let them do what they want to.

It's possible to have some of them without a leash in some places, but in most cases I recommend you put a harness on them and attacha 5 meter flex-lead.

Tamillrar: Man kan inte leva utan dem!
Ferrets: You can't live without them!
Svenska tamillerföreningen
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