Niji J-Clear III gel pen

I've so far only used this in black. It's got a clear body, translucent grip and black
plastic mechanism and clip.

Compared to G-2, the colour is a slightly flatter and not as deep black. Otherwise quite similar. The refills fit in a G-2 pen, but not the other way round.

The Niji J-Clear III masses 12 g and has its centre of mass 65 mm from the tip. Diameter ~60 mm from the tip is 12 mm, the pushbutton mechanism takes ~4 N to operate and protrudes 25 mm over the clip in the pocket.

I like the bulbous grip design as it's comfortable, but it really doesn't ride well in a pocket with a flap as it protrudes too much.

Document created 2001 May 15 by Urban

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