Parker Frontier ballpoint pen

I didn't use to use ordinary ballpoints a lot, and I still don't, but when I discovered Fisher's refills, I decided they were really quite useful, and I wanted a pen for them with a bit larger diameter than Fisher's own. Twist mechanisms have never been a favourite of mine (once when I was serving abroad I had to write home in order to get a Parker Jotter) as I think one of the attractions of a ballpoint is that you can use it with only one hand.

You can get this pen in different colour variants. Mine is one of the plainer versions. Almost by default, this was the one that was available, but I like it well enough.

I weighs 24 g and the centre of mass is 75 mm from the tip. ~60 mm from the tip its diameter is 12.3 mm. The pushbutton takes ~5 N to operate and protrudes 12 mm over the clip as carried.

Document created 2001 Nov 22, last modified 2002 Mar 12 by Urban

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