Parker Reflex ballpoint pen

As the maker says, this is a comfortable pen to write with. Unfortunately, it lacks some other properties. Mainly it requires a bit large force, ~8 N, to operate the pushbutton mechanism and it protrudes 28 mm over the clip when carried, so it doesn't fit well in pockets with a flap.

It's quite light at 15 g. The diameter is 11.0 mm ~60 mm from the tip, it balances at about 80 mm from the tip, all of which is quite good, so as a pen to leave stationary I've got nothing against it.

Mid-term update

I like this pen more and more.

Some refills appear to write more smoothly with it than with narrower pens, and that's a good sign. It's more comfortable than the Frontier, which I think has to do with the join in the body being higher up. (I'd like it to be even higher, but then the lower section would become as long as the refill.)

Initially I thought the action required a bit too much force, but since then I've come to realize that's so it won't get actuated by mistake in the pocket.

Document created 2002 Mar 12, updated 2002 Sep 23 by Urban

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