Pelikan M800

This is my absolute favourite fountain pen. Mine is all black with gold trim. It writes well, it looks good, I've never had any problems with it.

I mostly choose the M800 for its size, as I like large pens.

This one has a medium nib, but since I like to have more than one ink colour and nib size available, it's very likely I'll get myself another similar pen.

One interesting design feature of Pelikans is the conical section at the top of the cap. It's very practical as it provides a good grip when taking the pen from a pocket. It has a transparent window to show how much ink is left.

The M800 weighs 30 g, 22 without the cap, and the centre of mass is 85 mm from the tip, 100 mm with the cap on. Diameter is 13.5 mm ~60 mm from the tip. As you carry it, it's about 140 mm long and protrudes 5 mm over the clip.

Pelikan's web page about the the Souverän line.

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