Rotring Newton ballpoint pen

I don't use ordinary ballpoints a lot, but Fisher's refills I like, so I've got some pens for them. This one is one of the nicer and nowadays usually the first choice when I bring a ballpoint pen.

You can get this pen in a few different colours and finishes. Mine is the so called lava finish.

It's solidly and well made, balance is good and it suits my hands quite well. I only wish it was a bit larger, like the Rotring Newton fountain and rollerball pens. The action is very smooth.

It weighs 24 g and the centre of mass is 80 mm from the tip. The pushbutton mechanism takes ~2.5 N to operate and the button protrudes about 15 mm over the clip.

I primarily use it with Fisher refills, as Parker compatible refills fits this pen too, and Parker gel refills.

Rotring's own web site

Document created 2002 Jan 02, last modified 2002 Sep 03 by Urban

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