Zebra Jimnie gel pens

I've so far only used this pen in blue colour. It's got a clear
plastic body, blue grip, blue mechanism and part metal clip.

Its blue is deeper and darker than G-2 blue, otherwise it's similar. The refills fit in a G-2 pen, but not the other way round.

The Jimnie Retractable masses 14 g, has its centre of mass 75 mm from the tip. Diameter is 12 mm ~60 mm from the tip. The pushbutton mechanism takes ~4 N to operate and protrudes 20 mm over the clip.

The clip is arranged so that when you pull it out, the tip retracts. I find this practical.

The balance and grip aren't exactly right for me, but I sure like how the refills write.

Document created 2002 May 16, last modified 2002 May 31 by Urban

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