Monty Python´s
Life of Brian
(1979, 90 minutes. Directed by Terry Jones.)

"I think that´s our masterpiece. That´s what I´d like to be judged by."

John Cleese about "Life of Brian"
in the documentary "Life of Python"

The movie is about a poor Jewish boy called Brian. When he was born, the Three Wise Men went to his stable before the realised their mistake and went on to Jesus´s stable instead. When Brian grows up, people, by accident, think that he is the Messiah, and they start following him. This, of course, makes the Romans angry, and the film ends with Brian and some other people singing "Always Look On the Bright Side of Life" when they are crucified.

"Life of Brian" made a lot of religious people furious, and they wanted the film banned. It got banned in some countries and in a number of southern states in the U.S.A.

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