Monty Python´s Flying Circus

"Monty Python´s Flying Circus"... Sounds silly!!!

It certainly does, and that´s just what it´s all about.
That´s just what life´s all about.
That´s just why we´re here on earth.

Well..., maybe not being entirely silly, but watching "Monty Python´s Flying Circus", the greatest and funniest TV-show ever.

Question: "Monkey Pyromaniac´s Fleeing Circuit" What´s so damn special about that piece of stupid crap?

Answer: If you´ve seen the show and still think so, stop reading now and go here. Or why not switch off your computer and dig yourself a hole in the ground and lie there and be the boring bastard you´ve just proved the world that you are!!!

All other nice persons out there:
Be welcome to read more about Monty Python´s Flying Circus!!!