Terry Jones

Terry Jones was born February 1 1942 in Colwyn Bay in northern Wales.

He often played so called "Pepperpots", who were old ladies, that seemed to be living only to create a hell for other people. For example, he played Brian´s mother in "Life of Brian".

He has been a busy director during the years. Here are some examples:

"Monty Python and the Holy Grail" (1975), which he co-directed with Terry Gilliam.

"The Life of Brian" (1979). Monty Python´s third film.

"The Meaning of Life" (1983). The fifth Python film.

"The Saga of Erik the Viking" (1989), which was the first non-Python film, that Jones both wrote and directed.

"Ripping Yarns" (1976-1979). A TV-series he did together with Michael Palin. Jones and Palin wrote it and Palin starred in all episodes (Jones only starred in the first episode).

Jones has also done something completely different: children´s books. One example is "Fairy Tales", which consisted of some short stories written for his daughter Sally. The film "The Saga of Erik the Viking" was originally a book written for Jones´s son Bill.

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