Monty Python links

The official Python site.

Monty Python´s Daily Llama
Do you want to keep yourself updated with the latest Python news? This is the place.

Monty Python´s Flying Circus in Austrailia
Here you can see what Bruce and his mates think of Monty Python.

7th Level
This is the crazy bunch of people who made the CD-ROMs "Monty Python´s Complete Waste of Time" and "Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail". See what they have to say about the new "The Meaning of Life" game.

Other links

Tips & Tricks
The home page of one of my friends, Henrik Åhlander.

Per´s home
Another friend of mine.

The A-team On the Web
A great site about one of the best TV shows ever, "The A-team".

Sockii´s A-team homepage
Another A-team site.

Sveriges Radio P3
The best Swedish radio station.

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