Michael Palin

Michael Palin was born May 5 1943 in Sheffield, England. His acting career started in a school play when he was five years old, and he fell off the stage.

Otherwise, Palin has been very successful, both with Python and without.

As an example of Palin´s most famous Python skits, I can mention "The Lumberjack Song", in which he plays a barber, who wants to be a lumberjack. That skit was done both by Palin and Eric Idle. Check out my lyrics page.

Some films Michael Palin has taken part in:

"The Missionary" (1982). Palin´s first major solo film project. He wrote, co-produced and starred in this film, where he plays a missionary, who is called home from Africa to work among the fallen women of London.

Terry Gilliam´s "Jabberwocky" (1977).

Eric Idle´s Beatles parody "The Rutles" (1978), where he is interviewed by George Harrison.

Terry Gilliam´s "Time Bandits" (1981). Palin both co-wrote and starred in this film.

John Cleese´s "A Fish Called Wanda" (1988), in which he runs over Kevin Kline with a steamroller.

Palin has done a lot more than these few examples, like some Saturday Night Live appearances.

Michael Palin has, like Terry Jones, written children´s books. He started in 1982 with "Small Harry and the Toothache Pills". He continued with "The Mirrorstone", a book illustrated with holograms.

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