Stockholm June 23, 1998


ScandiMarine is a Sweden-based Charter and Yacht Brokerage company with offices in Stockholm and the United Kingdom. We are the scandinavian agents for Kirie's Feeling Yachts and the Alubat range of fast racer/cruisers in aluminum.

We have three lines of businesses we are working with:

1. Marketing and sales of new Feeling and Alubat yachts.

2. Brokering of used motor- and sailing yachts.

3. Brokering of charter yachts, both here in Scandinavia and the remote charter sites in the Mediterranean and the Caribbeans.


We have a vast network of cooperating, brokers, surveyors, dealers and other branch authorities connected to our company. In the end this will result in time and money saving chartering or yacht sales procedures both domestically and internationally.


A client with special needs, which goes somewhat out of the traditional frames are challenging and we find such tasks very stimulating. We are also able to provide our clients with free legal advisory by a professional solicitor, concerning EC, vat, locations, forming companies abroad, etc.


Finally, we wish You fair winds and many more years to enjoy YACHTING, the greatest lifestyles of them all...

Ron Soderlund

ScandiMarine Ltd.


ScandiMarine Ltd. 1999