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Kim Wilde

Kim Wilde photo

Love is holy, don't forget it
It will heal you, if you let it..
Love will strip you, leave you naked
Love is sexy, love is sacred.

Kim Wilde Is a very cute and wellsinging female artist from England. I have met her personally when she gave a consert here i Stockholm for a couple of years ago, and that proved what I allready guessed, that she is a wonderful and nice girl.. I also been a member in her official fanclub for a couple of years, but I thought that it was too expensive and wasn't worth it :( BUT.. I still like her music, byt I personally think that her lates CD ('Now & Forever') is a big step backwards from her album 'Love is' (-92) Wich I think are one of her best. If you wanna discuss Kim, or maybe have some LP/EP/CD/Singles with her for sale, (For example I still looking for 'Catch as catch can') , feel free to Email me !

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