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Pensel. A few of my homemade pictures.

IRC  The official #Amigaswe homepage.
  My nickname is 'XT600' , And I spend alot of time on this channel.
Unfortunatly it sucks alot today compared with a few years ago..


This page has been loaded times since I made the first version of it in 1996.


Wanna contact me ? ..then use one of theese adresses:
Glenn@canit.se   (Fastest and best)
Shauni@bay-watch.com   (Cool!)
Glenn@p22.gate.cx   (Spare)
Glenn.bjorcken@gestetner.se   (Work-adress)

This page was updated 15/7 1999, And are made 100% with an Amiga, fully wiyhout help of an HTML-program.

The programs I used are:

CygnusEd 3.5-4.2 pro (All HTML-code)
Brilliance II (All painted pictures and some retouch.)
DeluxePaint IV-V (Retouch and adjustments of scanned pics.)
OpalPaint 2.2(Little Retouch in 24bit.)
TVPaint 3.58-3.59(Little Retouch in 24bit.)
Real 3D v2.0-3.2 (Rendering of the Sign-animation.)
Art Department pro 2.5 (Most pictureworks.)
ImageStudio 2.3 (A little pictureworks.)
VLab 2.2 (Videodigitizing.)
VLabTV 0.16 (Videodigitizing.)
WhirlGIF 2.0 Amiga (Conversion to GIF anims.)
GIF Toolkit(To set the netscape specific flags in the animations.)

And this hardware where used:

Amiga A4000/060 50MHz OS 3.0 98MB 10.3GB HD.
Amiga A1200/030 57MHz 882 66MHz OS 3.0 18MB 102MB HD.
Amiga A2000/030 25MHz 882 25MHz OS 3.1 10MB 1.2GB HD.
Amiga A3000/030 25MHz 881 25MHz OS 3.1 18MB 900MB HD.
Sony Multiscan 17SE Trinitron 17" SVGA monitor (A4000).
Philips CM8833 RGB-PAL monitor 14" (A2000).
IBM 8515 14" VGA monitor (A3000).
IBM 8517 14" VGA monitor (A1200).
Mitsubishi 21" FixedFrequency Workstation monitor (A3000).
CyberVision64 24bits graphicscard.
Merlin 24bits graphicscard.
OpalVision 24bits graphicscard.
Macrosystems VLab Y/C, Realtime Videodigitizer with TBC.
VidiAmiga and VidiAmiga12 Videoidigitizers.
Alfascan 8bits handscanner.
Canon ION RC-260E digitalcamera.
Genius Genitizer GT-906 A4-digitizer (graphics tablet).

I also used AWeb, Voyager and IBrowse to test the page.

Everything including the pictures on this page is © Glenn Björckén 1996-1999 Except the background - a modifyed MWB background, Netscrapelogotype - a orginal logotype wich is modified (by Glenn Björckén), and the AWeb logo wich is downloaded from AWeb's homepage...
EVERYTHING else is homemade, just coz everyone else steal all their pictures I doesn't have to..
Wanna use one of my pics ? - Contect me on one of my mailadresses. DO NOT USE ANY PICTURES WITHOUT PERMISSION THANK YOU!! I have used alot of hours of my time to make them (Escpecially the animations).

A big thanks to my military advisers: General Failure, and Major Bugfix.