Pelikan M200

The M200 shares many features with the larger models, where it differs is mainly in size and nib material. Also it hasn't got the same striped body.

That the nib isn't gold as opposed to the M800 really doesn't matter much more than when it comes to looks. The body colour isn't striped, but more solid and a
bit swirled. The feel when writing is pretty much the same or perhaps even better.

I mainly use it for ink colours I don't use as much as black and blue. It's unusual in that it's practically the only fountain pen I write with the cap on, because of its size.

It's worked very well and I've never had any problems at all with it.

The M200 weighs 15 g, 10 without the cap, and its centre of mass is 65 mm from the tip, 85 mm with the cap on. ~60 mm from the tip the diameter is 12.0 mm and as carried it protrudes 5 mm over the clip. It has a transparent window to show how much ink is left.